Welcome to my website

We live in an exciting age.
Living in the 21st century, we all benefit from the global networking of information, data and images. But this phenomenon of our day and age, the flood of information and the optical and acoustic stimuli to which we are exposed day after day, not only have positive effects. Having become dulled and insensitized, it’s getting increasingly more difficult for us to separate the wheat from the chaff. Overwhelmed, we tend to burrow in, cut ourselves off from the world around us, and to close our eyes, ears and senses.

All this will change as soon as we leave our humdrum life and start traveling. We see and absorb new surroundings with a different air, other people and other landscapes. This sharpens our senses, and we perceive things with greater awareness. It’s worth taking a close look and to gain impressions. Every place and every season has its very own and special photographic features and peculiarities.

My interest in nature and landscape photography began about 30 years ago and eventually evolved into what you see today in extract on my website. I open a small window to some thrilling wonders of nature in different countries.

Come and join me in a (different) world without actually going there in person. In other words: a program for relaxation, a trip of a special kind into the fascinating beauty of Nature.

More subtle and almost casually, I’m trying to use my pictures (and aphorisms and philosophical thoughts by people who are better at articulating then I am) to sensitize people for the preservation and protection of Nature. A suggestion, perhaps, not to destroy the natural things one loves...